Planning, Architecture, Design
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U. Bonomini
G. Carli
G. Celeghini
L. Della Lucia
M. Forese
G. Furlan
G. Mar
L. Minozzi
L. Pipinato
C. Pluti
P. Rosato
A. Vendramin
M. Zaupa
Umberto Bonomini, associate
Umberto began his professional activity independently in 2007, developing projects in Italy and abroad. He devotes himself to experimentation through competitions for public buildings and spaces, receiving several prizes and awards. He graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 2002. Umberto joined +39 Architects in 2011.
Giorgio Carli, associate director
Giorgio began his activity as an assistant lecturer at the University of Padua in the 'Transport and Territorial Planning' branch, taking part in important projects, such as: 'The Preliminary study on the Venetian area transport' in Venice and 'The research on the Venezuelan Railway Network' for the Venezuelan government. He worked for two years in a company specialised in building and in infrastructural constructions and in 1972 started the Carli-Treves associated company. Giorgio graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Padua in 1968 and in Architecture from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 1971. He joined +39 Architects in 2011.
Genny Celeghini, associate director
Genny graduated in Architecture and is mostly interested in building design. She works in Padua but teaches, as a tutor, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Brescia. In 2009 Genny completed her PhD in architectural design at the IUAV University of Architecture in Venice.
Luca Della Lucia, associate director
Luca teaches Management and Operation of Transport Systems at University of Padova, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering. Provides design and consultancy services to important public and private agencies in the transport planning sector. Has worked in particular on the direction and coordination of Traffic and Mobility Plans and collaborated with interdisciplinary work-groups on the preparation of Urban Development and Planning, widening his field of interest to take in the design of urban spaces and traffic control schemes. His research activity has also gained him experience in the field of designing territorial information systems in GIS and DBMS environments. Luca joined +39 Architects in 2014.
Massimo Forese, board member
Massimo, partner and co-founder of +39 Architects, is specialised in Town Planning and boasts over 15 years of consultancy experience in planning and master planning. Furthermore, Massimo is specialised in the design for integrated and sustainable communities. He graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 1998.
Giovanni Furlan, board member
Giovanni, partner and co-founder of +39 Architects, is an architect skilled specifically in urban design of contemporary cities and collective spaces. He is an active member of the Association of Architects of Padua, where he is councillor since 2009. He is a contract professor at the faculty of Architecture "Aldo Rossi" in Cesena, Italy. He graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 1996.
Gianpaolo Mar, associate director
Gianpaolo was born in 1934 and graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 1960.
Luigi Minozzi, associate director
Luigi is specialised in the redevelopment and urban regeneration programs and policies, and boasts over twenty years of experience in architectural and urban planning. He is a consultant for several local, regional and national authorities of the EU Policies. He graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 1994.
Laura Pipinato, associate
Laura carries out her professional activity in the field of architecture and town planning. She developed a specific experience in the Environmental Assessment branch. In 2009 she completed a master's degree in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. Laura graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 2003 and joined the Association of Architects of Padua. She joined +39 Architects in 2012.
Camillo Pluti, associate director
Camillo is an architect with over 40 years of extensive experience on all aspects of urban planning including Environmental Impact Assessment. He worked and researched on the planning field for many years and he also coordinated the working group for the Unification of the Legislative and Methodical Planning. Camillo was the Regional Manager of the Veneto Region as well as the coordinator of the Department of Urban Environmental Heritage and the leader of the project "Sea of Venice". Camillo joined +39 Architects in 2011.
Paolo Rosato, associate director
Paolo is a full professor in Economics and Real Estate Appraisal at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Trieste and at the Faculty of Architecture of IUAV University of Venice. He is a member of the PhD program in Real Estate Appraisal and Land Economics at the University of Padua and in Civil Engineering at the University of Trieste. He also teaches Evaluation in planning and project finances in advanced courses such as master's degrees and PhD levels. Paolo's research interests are real estate appraisal, natural and cultural resources economics and economic assessment of environmental protection.
Annachiara Vendramin, associate director
Annachiara is an agronomist working since 1987 in environment and landscape planning. She is specialised in the design of green spaces and renovation of historical parks. She recently designed the 'green areas' for the private airport in Tessera in Venice, fot the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Castle of S. Peter of Verona and for the redevelopment of Piazzale Roma in Venice. In 2011 Annachiara started, together with the Municipality of Padua, the "Verdecitta' " exhibition, a project show promoting outdoor design, urban green spaces and environmental education.
Marco Zaupa, associate
Marco is an architect and his activity is specifically addressed towards the planning of collective spaces. He also works together with universities on the architectural and environmental planning research. Marco collaborates in several occasions with I.S.P. (IUAV Studies and Projects). He graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 2007.