Planning, Architecture, Design
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R. Boatelli
E. Castellano
F. De Francesco
E. Ebermann
S. Fayed
C. Giannella
D. Giorio
E. Gusakova
P. Moro
A. Prodanets
B. Sall
T. Sattin
N. Sobur
A . Verenini
S. Vivas
Renzo Boatelli, associate
Renzo graduated in architecture from IUAV University of Venice in 2004. Since 2005 he has been dealing with architectural design, has acquired experience in restructuring and redevelopment of buildings, paying special attention to interior design. Renzo joined +39 Architects in 2014.
Elisabetta Castellano, associate
Elisabetta graduated from the University of Florence in 1985 with a thesis in urban planning. She is an Italian architect but has been living in Nice, France since 2001. She designed and built some private buildings but as her main activity, she deals with architectural design and restorations. In 2012 she won a public competition promoted by the city of Nice to teach technical and artistic drawing and the history of the city and its quarters to primary school children, and was also in charge of the students drawings' exhibition, in the Forum de l'Urbanisme et de l'Architecture in Nice.
Filippo De Francesco, associate
Filippo is an architect with more than 6 years of international experience between the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany where he currently resides. He specialises in high-quality, design driven architecture with particular attention to its impact and relation with the existing environment. After a multiannual collaboration with offices in London, UK, he now lives and works in Berlin, Germany where he follows different projects through all phases from design to completion. He graduated in 2006 from the School of Architecture of the University of Westminster in London and from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 2011. Filippo joined +39 Architects in 2014.
Erika Ebermann Vera, associate
Erika is an Architect and International Specialist in restoration. She pursued her professional activity also in architectural design and bio-ecological architecture. She has accumulated 13 years experience at national and international levels, working in Spain, Greece, Italy and Peru. She has a Master in Conservation in Tenerife (Spain), a second Master in Restoration in the "Scuola di Specializzazione in Restauro" in Genoa, Italy and Postgrade Studies in Bio-Architecture in the ANAB Association. She's starting her activity in teaching at the UPC Peruvian University. Erika joined +39 Architects in 2014.
Sara Fayed, associate
Sara's passion lies in interior design, having gained experience in a wide range of residential and commercial projects in Cairo and in London. She was awarded her Interior Design diploma with distinction from Marangoni Institute in London in 2010. Sara joined +39 Architects in 2012.
Carlo Giannella, associate director
After 20 years of professional experience Carlo has successfully accomplished projects covering different fields such as retail, interior design, restoration and architecture. He has been living abroad since 1994 and in tropical areas for several years. He is specialised in eco-sustainable architecture and energy efficiency in buildings. He directed multidisciplinary teams and dealt with the whole process of several architectural projects, from its beginning all the way through the administrative and economic matters to the site work management. Carlo graduated in Architecture from IUAV University of Venice in 1991.
Davide Giorio, associate
Davide is an architect with over 14 years of experience in the building construction industry. He graduated in Architecture from IUAV University of Venice in 1996 and through his career he investigated the construction phases of a design process, developing skills in the planning and the management of articulated and multidisciplinary processes. He currently lives and works in Venezuela and mainly deals with issues related to the industrial construction. Davide joined +39 Architects in 2011.
Ecaterina Gusakova , associate
Educational background: Minsk State Colledge of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Architect). Moscow Architectural Institute, chair of Residental and Public Buildings (Architect). Ecaterina joined +39 Architects in 2014.
Pier Moro, associate
In 1995 Pier finished his studies at the faculty of architecture of the Polytechnic University of Milan. He has lived and worked in seven countries learning unique culture, traditions, and features of architecture and design of every one of them. Pier worked in Argentine, Mexico, USA, Britain, Finland, Italy and Russia. In 2013 in Moscow he created start-up of one Italian company of designer lightning Axo Light. After 7 successful years of job at the Russian market Pier created his own success formula that functions well in all parts of the world "Italian design + German Efficiency". Pier joined +39 Architects in 2016 as Russia local architect.
Anastasia Prodanets, associate
Anastasia graduated in 2009 from the Celiabinsk South Ural State Architecture University. She collaborated with important international professional offices and is specialized in interior design. She is fond of photography which is connected to the internal architecture field. Anastasia joined +39 Architects in 2013.
Boutout Sall, associate
Boutout is an architect specialized in town planning and architectural design. He deepened his knowledge in African architecture as well as the west coast countries' architecture. He designed buildings in Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau and in the Ivory Coast. Boutout graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 1995 and specialized in Territorial Planning for the Developing Countries in 1997. He joined the Association of Architects of Mali.
Tatiana Sattin, board member
Tatiana, partner and co-founder of +39 Architects, is an Interior Design Architect. In 1999 she began her collaboration abroad with different architectural firms, amongst which Palmer & Turner in Bangkok (Thailand) and Agiostratitis Architects in Athens (Greece). Since 2008 she progressed her architectural profession in Cairo (Egypt). She graduated from IUAV University of Architecture of Venice in 1996.
Natalia Sobur, associate
Natalia is an Ukrainian citizen, she graduated as a Painter from the University of Figurative Arts in Poltava in Ukraine and developed a significant experience in the design field. Her painting's subjects range from architecture to landscape and they have been exhibited in important shows and auctions. Natalia joined +39 Architects in 2013.
Andrea Verenini, associate
Andrea has a degree in Architecture, a PhD in Urban Regeneration and a 5-year work experience in international practice and academia. He is interest in contextually driven sustainable designs at varied scales. Today, Andrea works in England, Italy and Russia as a designer, architect and urban regeneration expert. Andrea joined +39 Architects in 2014 as the local architect of the United Kingdom.
Sandra Vivas, associate
Sandra was born in Colombia, educated in Italy and practised most of her profession in Brazil, absorbing and using different cultural influences in her design projects. She studied architecture firstly in Bogotà (PUJ-1997), subsequently she continued her academic career at the IUAV University of Venice followed by a postgraduate degree in Urban Planning at the same university in 2004. She boasts more than 10 years of experience designing residential, retail, and office interiors. Since 2010 she is part of the art direction team of a prestigious high end furnishings and interior design company in Sao Paulo, Brazil.